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Edit EA and remove all limit
support MT4 and MT5

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Version update history

Version update history

EA Decompiler include EX4 to MQ4 decompiler and EX5 to MQ5 decompiler. Used for all EX4 / Ex5 files (ea and indicator). include downloaded from mql5 market. Can automatically remove EA's time limit. account limit. platform limit. MQL5 market code limit. When MT4 / MT5 is updated. We update ea decompiler software for free forever. which is perfect for customers who have purchased our decompiler software.


1. We have a large number of customers who have successfully purchased. It is the most popular EA decompiler software.

2. Since we have been updating and upgrading. the decompiler has not failed to decompile so far.

3. We only have the official version and no trial version. Please give up the idea of cheating the trial version.

4. Our decompiler can be used for all EA files in ex4/ex5 format. If your EA does not belong to these two formats. please do not purchase.

The solution


We have helped a lot of customers.They got the source code by Our decompiler.

Code optimization and compression are generally used during compilation process of the new terminal builds (1390 & above). Code obfuscation is also used at compile time, and this fact greatly complicates the work to be done. Nevertheless MetaTrader Market products are encrypted additionally. These obstacles make the classical methods of reengineering (such as disassembly and static code analysis) ineffective.

Therefore, in order to recover the source code completely, these days it is necessary to work directly with a memory dumps, use debugger for the terminal and overcome restrictions of execution environment virtualization.

This painstaking work requires time and strong effort. But with due perseverance, success remains the option to achieve.

it's possible to create robust service for decompilation. And that is what we successfully did.

The solution
EA remove time limit
EA remove account limit
EA remove platform limit


simple steps to Purchase Decompiler Software
5 simple steps to Purchase Decompiler Software
  1. 1 Mail to mail@ex4tomq4.cc
  2. 2 Wait for Our response
  3. 3 Pay your order
  4. 4 Send extraction code to your mailbox
  5. 5 Downloaded Decompiler Software from https://ex4tomq4.cc/download/

EA Decompiler Price

Approximate prices for our decompilation services are shown below. You can buy Decompiler software here , We look forward to your business.

  • EX4 to Mq4 Decompiler Software 2023 ~ $600
  • EX5 to Mq5 Decompiler Software 2023 ~ $600
  • Decompiler Software update for free forever.

* Many of our customers have already obtained their own real EA, what are you waiting for?